Hi, my name is Thomas Hammoudi and I’m living in the north of France, in a city called Lille.

I hold the Blog, a travel diary where I empty my head of his ideas on photography to make room for new ones, and doing so, continuing to move forward. It talks about culture, practices, philosophy, but never of gear. I also wrote a book, called “Towards the Light“, which explains how to develop a personal photograph, stay motivated, and find your style through a photographic project. If you want to learn more behind the scenes and my background, you can read the FAQ. All of this is in french, but if I can write in your language, I’m sure you can read mine 😉

My artistic training is musical at the origin; for photography it comes from a good dose of erudition (thanks to everything in the bibliography). I like hard pictures (“Hard to appreciate, hard to look at, hard to do, hard to understand” as Meyerowitz would say). My main photographic influences are, without any order: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Joel Meyerowitz, Alex Webb, Saul Leiter, Louis Faurer, Robert Frank, Joseph Koudelka, William Eggleston, and William Klein.

The subject that interests me the most is the city, and its appropriations by Man. I discovered a certain taste for street photography in 2016, which led to the Intercité and AdieuParis projects.

In case of question, do not hesitate to use the contact form, I always answer with pleasure.

© Photography : 2019, Laurent Breillat.

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